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tildavirtual, post: 4078 wrote:
Hi Tim and welcome.

While I do provide Virtual Bookkeeping services, I am primarily a Virtual Assistant. Majority of the horror stories from clients and associates has been caused by people with software knowledge but no bookkeeping knowledge passing themselves off as a qualified bookkeeper. Which of course leaves a huge mess behind for those of us who know what we are doing.

Communication with the client seems to be another issue many have had in the past with prior bookkeepers.

Thanks Kylie – it’s amazing how many clients tell me how the person that set up their accounting software had no accounting background… personally before i choose a dentist, I look for a degree on the wall, at least!

The bookkeeping industry has a hard time persuading clients that they are an investment. Do you have the same challenges in your industries? Do you have trouble convincing your clients that VA is an investment in their own time?

I also find it had to keep clients happy when you estimate how long it will take to go back and undo 12 months of wrong accounts, half-entries and mistakes.