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TimFairweather, post: 4170 wrote:
Thanks Kylie – it’s amazing how many clients tell me how the person that set up their accounting software had no accounting background… personally before i choose a dentist, I look for a degree on the wall, at least!

The bookkeeping industry has a hard time persuading clients that they are an investment. Do you have the same challenges in your industries? Do you have trouble convincing your clients that VA is an investment in their own time?

I also find it had to keep clients happy when you estimate how long it will take to go back and undo 12 months of wrong accounts, half-entries and mistakes.

Most of my client’s already know what a Virtual Assistant is and how we can benefit them so convincing them that using a VA is an investment is no problem at all. However, one issue many have is managing client boundaries and expectations. Because we work from home (mostly), it doesn’t necessarily mean we are available 24/7.

As for undoing someone else’s work, I don’t usually give a time estimate. I give them my hourly rate and update them at the end of the week as to how much I’ve used. My clients prepay so when their credit is used up, I process their credit card again for the next block of time. It’s just too hard to estimate.

Bookkeeping as an industry is still gaining momentum. As you know up until recently we’ve only been seen as paraprofessionals and not a profession in our own right. We’ve just recently had our own qualification ratified through the Australian Qualification Framework and the new legislation changes will do more to cement Bookkeeping in Australia as an industry of it’s own. Once the legislation comes in we should see less of the ‘cowboys’ and it should become easier to convince small business owners that a fantastic bookkeeper isn’t just a good investment, it’s a great investment.