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ray_223, post: 4172 wrote:
Hi Tim,

Just a quick question …

The title of your post is “Introducing a Sydney bookkeeper – with a difference.”

… I’m just wondering what the “with a difference” refers to? ;)

Nice one Ray!

The difference is that I see bookkeeping as a way of GIVING information to a business owner. I see bookkeeping as forward-looking and the essentials of your business, your ‘bare figures’ as being the most important numbers you look at each week and month.

When I help clients, I make sure they’re aware of the figures that drive their business so they can make decisions.

There is a great post on Kylie Short’s blog about knowing your business’ position each week. Cash position, sales in, cash owing, etc. Using your data in this way makes business so much easier.

My background is from audit – so I experienced many businesses that lacked information when it was relevant. Tax time is not the time to find out how your business is going!

Ray you have a difference – what’s yours?