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Caffe43, post: 9698 wrote:
Hi Tim

I just had a look at your website and all your info looks great!! I had decided that i didnt need a bookkeeper that i was fine to do it on my own. Now im thinking whether a bookkeeper could produce more meaningful outcomes for me? I know basically the position of my business (unfortunately in the red) but maybe holes could be better identified by a bookkeeper.

Too bad im in the boondocks of Sydneys South West i would have used you guys!


Hi Julie,

thanks for the feedback – if your near the city sometime send me an email and I’d be happy to have a coffee with you. Meaningful is a good word! It’s quite useful for a bookkeeper to prepare your numbers because it clears your headspace.

It removes you from the numbers. There’s one key bonus for you the business owner:

1 – You can look impartially at how the business is performing. I get a bookkeeper to prepare my figures, for my bookkeeping business. The reason is so I can judge my performance, without excuses.

It’s easy to say: ‘Oh, James said he’d pay that invoice next week, I needed to lease a server for the office, I took a few extra taxis..etc. Because you prepared the numbers, you have an excuse as to why they were / were not what you thought they should be.

I find that holds me more accountable.

Looking back – it was probably the hardest yet most beneficial thing I have done. It changed how I now talk to clients about getting someone to help!