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OK – I’m going to be brave – (and probably show my age very much) – by saying that I love tech stuff but I really don’t understand twitter. Is there anyone who can explain properly, in very simple layman terms, how twitter works and why is it supposed to be good? And how do you use it? What is the benefit?

I am like many who can’t access the web via mobile phones in outer metro and country areas, but rely on the internet landlines instead. Does that make a difference? If your family and friends etc can’t/don’t use it because of inaccessibility and lack of understanding, then is there any use for it? Does it detract from us working on our business at hand?

I have difficulty enough helping my elderly relatives get used to the internet and email – I can’t hope to explain twitter to them yet.

My apologies to all the twitter tech savvies …
Thanks so much, Karen