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In a nutshell (a very small nutshell). I find it useful for networking and connecting with NEW people. Depending on who you follow, but I’ve selected people that tend to tweet helpful tips, funny comments or questions about things that interest me.

twitter is just status messages. When I first joined it (last week LOL) I had no idea, and wondered what is it about. surely there must be MORE to it. But there isn’t. It seems like a very simple and unrewarding thing to do. But once you get into it, it’s not so bad. It’s finding others that you find interesting, or their info interesting that is the difficult part. BUT… all you have to do is a bit of googling to find many many many articles on the benefits of using twitter and building networks.

I’ve already had one person refer a contact to me (I posted that I was looking for new consultants), and we’d only made a quick but fun connection (if that makes sense).

Some – Other businesses don’t mind helping others.

it’s not all about advertising. that’s the quickest way to turn people off you. But if you throw in hints and tips or recommendations related to your business in a softer way, you are more likely to get people to click through to your website, blog or whatever you’re offering.

It’s too hard to explain what the benefits are, I’m still learning that myself. But as I said before, there are massive amounts of articles out there with twitter hints and tips, url trackers, how to’s, why fors, best ways to use for business etc. you just need to spend a little time and you’ll get the gist quite quickly. Enough to get started. Then of course it’s up to you how much time you want to spend on it.

it’s quick, it’s simple and if you allocated a few short sessions a day it could easily help build your network.

As for getting family and friends etc. to join – well that all depends on what you want to share I guess?

It’s 140 characters of sharing your thoughts – that’s it. It’s really not that complex, which is why I believe it’s so confusing to people to start out with, you expect something more. it’s only something more when you research and figure out the ways to best benefit and network and you get creative with your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, tips, promotions etc etc etc.

Well.. that’s my quick newbie overview of it all. As I said, I’ve only just joined it myself, and my first impression was… hmmmm.. boring… but the more I looked, the more I learnt, the more i made new contacts, the more I network with others and they with me, the more helpful info I see on others tweets, the more useful I see this being.

Hope some of that makes sense LOL! I’m not sure I know what I’m talking about LOL.