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Hi Bright spark and Robert?

I thought it would have been enough? This is a sales forum and people are after sales are they NOT? The reason I put the question like I did is too ask to forum for their input? I want to see what the needs of the forum are? Its a waste of time to write an ebooklet when their are no hungry fans.

Effective Sales copy – maybe its like people aren’t aware what makes an effective sales copy. What gets you results in an advertisement? What gets you results in a newsletter? If you have a look at the local paper – most of the advertisements don’t get the responses. They don’t have an emotional grab. If you aren’t getting results do you know why?

Most people is sales understand about the sales cycle in face to face selling or even telephone sales, however do people understand the sales cycle when creating effective sales copy.

Hopefully this explains it abit better

BrightSpark, post: 4148 wrote:
I agree with Robert.