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MissieK, post: 4635 wrote:
I think it’s another difference between the US & Australian market – they seem to work more & be more popular in the US than Australia – most people I’ve spoken to about this say they won’t buy from a long letter sales page on the web.


I disagree … I have done VERY well with long copy on my sites, to an entirely Australian audience. I know a client of mine made six figures in 2 months to an almost entirely Australian audience with a long copy letter for his product.

Sure, people SAY they won’t buy … but if they REALLY want something, a long copy page isn’t going to stop them … Martin is right – it’s about knowing your target market.

While you guys are great, your not my target market – so whether you would buy from a long copy sales letter is pretty irrelevant to me.

You DO have to be careful not to mix up your OWN preferences with your markets preferences, though.

Test everything.

If testing shows it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work.

You might be surprised at the results, however …