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You win some you loose some, that’s life. There is no point in getting upset just because of someone’s shortsightedness. If you really want to be promoted in that school you could always look at the P&C or the like.

However to help with the next time something like this comes up you could start with these questions.
Did you offer to pay for an ad in the newsletter?
Maybe sponsor a class project.
Are there any ads in the newsletter currently?
What was in it for her?
Did you explain the benefits to parents?
I know of some schools that have a set of businesses ads for the whole year and no one can be added until the new year. They print the whole years supply of that page (The back page) at once.

You have to remember that most people in the education system have never been out of the system.

Back in the dark ages we provided a computer and internet access to schools in exchange for a ad in each newsletter that went out to the parents.