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Hi Carole,
Can see your dilemma, but think you might be expecting a little much, I sell security doors, will the Principal put my card in the newsletter to protect the children in their homes? What about all the other businesses that have a relevant service as well. The newsletter could be inundated.

I have advertised in a few school newsletters at schools that my children have attended or my wife (a chalky as well) has worked at. Strangely I have never had a great response from the newsletters, but referral lines within school communities (staff and parents) have been terrific over the years. Generally these have initially come from a contact outside the school.

Given that your service is aimed at parents, try contacting the P&C (PT&F) and do a presentation to them, or ask if they will consider distributing your information, this is then targetted directly where you want it as well, but by-passes the school officers/department.

In this day and age unfortunately there is a lot of prejudice against training done some years ago, this does not mean that it is outdated, and my guess is that you have spent numerous hours over the years keeping up to date and refreshing your skills.
Remember that some principals are where they are not because they are good managers or communicators. You cannot win everyone over in business.

Good luck with it all, just look around for another way to end up at the same place you want to be.

Regards Tony