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What do we do differently? Hmmm … I’ve spent 3 years working on this, so here goes … our Unique Selling Proposition is:

Business Writers Anonymous is Australia’s #1 Intellectual Property Development Company, built on a solid foundation of sales and marketing expertise, multi award winning creative writing and a unique understanding of the needs of the speaking, coaching and business development industry, BWA takes your fixer-upper Intellectual Property and renovates it into a luxury home, penthouse or mansion that will make you $$$’s while you sleep.

But what is most unique about us is, as our website says – that we won’t write just anything. We won’t do your annual report. We won’t do your newsletter. We don’t do press releases. We ONLY write stuff that makes you money.

We also practice what we preach – we’re the only writing-based company in Australia that offers a suite of information products for sale.

It took me a long time to get the USP nailed down. I was a writer and I was like … but I’m a writer. How can I be different to other writers? It took me a while to figure out the information product niche, that the stuff I enjoyed doing was less writing articles and more creating stuff that my clients were making money off.

So I started calling myself Australia’s #1 Information Product Creation Specialist. That was hilarious because it really annoyed a bunch of people (mainly other writers) who just COULDN’T get the mindset that it didn’t matter if other people were creating information products … I was the only one with the title “Information Product Creation Specialist” – and THAT made me #1 because there weren’t any others!

When I started BWA I changed it to Intellectual Property Developer … out of nowhere, actually … I just woke up one morning and said to my husband … “I should call myself an Intellectual Property Developer”. This has been even more successful that Information Product Creation Specialist, people seem to really just GET it.

I realised that person-wise, my niche was really speakers and coaches – because that is 90% of my clientelle. And it’s interesting, by saying we work ‘exclusively’ with that industry, we get a lot of people coming to us from different industries … because they understand what it is we do …

It’s strange how by getting specific, we actually got a whole lot more NON specific work …

I suppose what is really different about us is that we’re more of an exponential sales and marketing company, using the edgy theories of Jay Abraham, Jay Conrad Levison, Tony Robbins, Brain Tracey etc, who just happen to specialise in writing services.

LOL … like I said, I’ve spent 3 YEARS working on this!