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KarenC, post: 4317 wrote:
Hi Americo – welcome to Flying Solo.

Are you trying to get the uni students to purchase your recruitment and training services? From my experience, most uni students I know have to borrow from their parents or get government funding for training.

Can you elaborate a bit more on what results you wish to achieve? Have you thought of an extra tangent and target parents or career advisors too? Also, what demographics are you looking at? Local or national?

If you could give us some more detail, someone may be able to help you more. Cheers, Karen

Hi Karen / Renee,

Thanks for the welcome.

Essentially I am trying to encourage students to pay for a training course which relates to resume, job skills and general career planning. Our courses tend to differ from the university offered ones because ours have role plays, templates and other practical value adds. The problem I have is that the universities and also international colleges tend to have employment and career services in house which means they won’t generally allow you to promote courses on campus noticeboards or uni websites as they compete with theirs. They also tend to provide these services generally at a subsidised cost or even for free. Therefore, my plan is bypass the universities and colleges completely if I can and target the students directly. Some things I have tried so far is, flyers at university noticeboards (where permitted), letter drops to students in local suburbs, ads on facebook promoting the course on the university group pages and the next thing I am going to try is handing out flyers in the city to students on the way to uni / college. I am trying to achieve two goals. First being to promote the courses and get students to register for the course or at lease make an enquiry and secondly, to build up a database over time so I can promote other courses and services via e-mail campaigns through my website. My ideal target market is international students or students in their final year because they usually have the income to be able to afford the courses and are probably going to be the most interested. Initially, I plan to promote these locally in Victoria, then nationally and then overseas if there’s any interest. The suggestion of using social networking sites was proposed to me as students are very much users and its an effective marketing strategy. For example, I found a “group” of university of melbourne facebook users which had over 4,000 people registered. I figured that’s probably a smarter way to go about it than flyers but then I guess one has to try everything.

Appreciate any thoughts or comments.