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Renee Barber, post: 4327 wrote:
The great thing about this forum is that everyone has an opinion. :-)
Joomla is still my CMS ‘drug of choice’, but I’ll definitely be interested in hearing what other designers/developers have to say.

For an 8 page site I’d probably also recommend Cushy CMS (made by an Aussie I believe!).

In a more general CMS conversation for every Joomla recommendation I’d better pipe in with a Drupal (http://drupal.org) recommendation ;)
Drupal has historically been recommended by developers more so than designers but this is slowly shifting as Drupal is making huge improvements in the design flexibility.

The other consideration is the future of your 8 page club website.
The next thing you know they may start asking for blogs, online calendars, photo galleries etc. If you think this is a possibility it would probably be better looking at Drupal, Joomla or one of the many other open source CMS’s.
If you are 95% sure 8 pages is all it will be it’s hard to go past Cushy CMS.

Good luck :)