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AKoulianos, post: 5441 wrote:
I have no web design not technical skills at all and was introduced to WordPress a few months ago for a personal project I was working on. For anyone just wanting to get a basic site up and running about their business and who has a budget of a few hundred dollars (domain and hosting costs included) then I would recommend WordPress.

Its all free and whilst it probably doesn’t have many of the features of the CMS’s mentioned in previous posts it works great.

This is an example of a personal project I used WordPress for. Remember I have no technical skills. http://www.prepaidplans.com.au

This is an example of our company website. This was developed by someone who has technical and design skills. I edit the copy for this site. http://www.carbonite.com.au

Arthur Koulianos

  1. Off TOPIC and to be very blunt,
  2. Remember, it shows you have no technical skills and its all FREE – wow – the site couldn’t possibly be making any money if it can’t do transactions.
  3. I suggest they find someone else to edit their site. I tried to purchase on this site last month and it was impossible to complete the transaction. I perfer to put money in Australia where I live if the service is reputable. I tried 3 times to do the transaction. I went back to the US site which I’ve always used. I bought a 3 year plan in US dollars. Let’s hope they last that long in the US. I’ve been with them for 2 years already.
  4. Not much of a website if it doesn’t work properly since it relies purely on the transaction process.

    Someone should pay more attention on a daily basis to a site that can’t do transactions which is it’s livelihood.