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I was asked by our members what I was doing with their membership fees.
So i explained that after expenses I put the remainder into a direct debit account (like ING) which earned higher interest.
Then asked why they were not doing the same.
Surprising how many had not heard of such an account or had not thought of puting their hard earned money into a high interest savings account linked to their main business account.
Most banks have such accounts.
Treat it as a super account that you can access, put a small mount away each week and try not to use it and before long you will have a neat little nest egg. In fact it is better than super at present because with super you are feeding a black hole, where as cash will still give you around 4% build this up and when super starts to go in the right direction you will have something to invest.

When i had a mortgate I used this as my savings account I would pay off as much as I could and when I needed some money I would just redraw some out.

If you havent got a high interest savings account then what are you waiting for a small amount each week $ 50, $ 100 what ever you can afford and watch your money grow.