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Thank you for emailing Tony and for the quick chat.

We have realised that:

(a) Tony was sending out Word 2003 files that are converted to just plain text with attachments for customers that now have the Office Suite 2007 including Outlook 2007. Also, that it is best to send PDFs, preferably locked versions for quotes unless you want the reader to fill in the form electronically and return it.

(The new Office 2007 Suite and many of the email client readers now reject a lot of formatting and automatically convert to text. This is a frustrating problem to resolve finding that email newsletters and formatted emails do not show in the latest email client readers.)

(b) A builder colleague uses http://www.pdffactory.com.au/ to create quotes. He uses the Pro version that can convert and allow text entry too.

(c) For print designers, Adobe Acrobat Professional is the best one to use. For more information on the various Acrobat versions see link here

If you make a PDF and you do not embed the fonts, but use fancy ones that are not normally available to both PC and Mac users, then the PDF will use default fonts on the other person’s machine and the PDF will not look anything like you intended. Word does not automatically embed fonts – you have to choose those properties when making a PDF.

(All the print PDFs I make have to cross both PC and Mac platforms, but the specs are detailed and not what is needed here.)

Hope you find what you need whether it’s one of the free PDF writer or the commercial ones. Cheers, Karen C.