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Mark Prosser
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Lucki, post: 4570 wrote:
Hi Oxfordtrading,

Welcome aboard!

You mention that you’re in a busy cafe district but haven’t mentioned anything about what you do to attract the potential customers?

Do you have any special promotions advertised on your window to encourage clients to walk in? What are the demographics of your area, is it city people, elderly, mums etc. Different advertising strategies would be needed to accomodate each group.

Perhaps organise flyers with a promotion and hand them out at lunch time, also to near by offices, schools etc. You could have a lunch time special? Hand out flyers to friends to circulate. Salons I find is one of those businesses that do well by word of mouth.

A friend of mine has a salon and she picks out a local business of the week and sends I think $20 and $30 vouchers to the company. The $30 voucher is to the Manager (for their time and effort to distribute the vouchers) and the $20 vouchers go to staff. It’s worked a treat for her. Once they’re in you obviously give them another sweetner to come in next time. They generally become regular clients by the third visit.

Hope this helps.


I agree, you should even send vouchers to the Cafe Owners/Staff – a customer is bound to ask someone working there where they get their hair done…