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quantiva, post: 4672 wrote:

Welcome aboard! I cant help myself but to commect on a view thing on your website (I do apologize for this ~~~bowing down~~~). Here goes:

1. You may want to differentiate the titles on every page. So instead of saying, “Health Abundance – Health and Wellness Coaching” in the The Essence of Health Abundance section, you may want to put the title “The Essence of Health Abundance”. This can help you with better google ranking.

2. I saw an image on the right hand side of the page, may be you may want to convert that image into text and links? Google will index better with text. Or if you persist on the image, then at least you may want to add an alternate text to the image. Alternate text helps you describe what the image is.

Hope this helps :)

Hi Quantiva!
Thanks for the advice…will talk to my daughter about it – she looks after my website..