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Zigi ozeri
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Renee Barber, post: 4620 wrote:
Hi Zigi

My first impressions of your site were favourable. It felt warm, engaging and friendly so, if all of your other business branding material has the same ‘look and feel’, I definitely wouldn’t say you need to start again. Did your mentor provide any specific reasons why she didn’t connect with your brand?

Now, here are some specific suggestions. I believe the menu takes up too much ‘floor space’ and perhaps you should try putting the video on the first page so people can get a real feel for your offerings. (You might also want to think about asking the video experts on here how to maximise the quality of the video.) I’d also suggest that you change over the five boxes to something more interesting, perhaps images with superimposed text or even ‘live’ videos (although you obviously have to take care not to overload people’s download tolerances).

OK, while I’m sure I could think of more suggestions, you did say two minutes and I’ve definitely exceeded that! :-)

However, before I close, I would be remiss if I didn’t say you need to review your site for typos. The two I noticed offhand were in: ‘Recieve free recipes’ and ‘World Accostiation of Chef Societies’. I’m assuming you meant association?

At any rate, I hope this helps.

Hi Renne,

Thank you for your feedback and comments, the mentor said the main reasons is the name of the business as she cannot remember it from “first impression” and the other one is the logo as it doesn’t mean anything. she’s not emotionally connected. ( are you feeling the same?) so if you change this two elements, all the feel and look of the rest need to match the new logo and biz name. I must say while i am typing the above i can see what she talking about, but i just wanted to get the feedback of several people on this forum so i don’t go and spend so much money for re branding without take on board the public thoughts and opinions. the thing is that I’ve got the logo registered for 10 yr and I have left around 200 high quality aprons that all my clients/ students get when the book a cooking class.

As for my marketing materials,
most of the materials are similar feel and look, the menu that I provide for “the restaurant @ your home” have same feel and look, although the business cards and the cover for the recipe booklet have a green freshy look. please see attached.

regarding website,
i corrected the typo. i believe the website can be improved constantly, but i will wait with that until I will make a decision if i am re branding or not, if i am re branding so i will invest in a video production company and do a much professional clip then the current one.

if you got any more feedback I will be very happy to hear…

culinary regards