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Zigi – everyone has different ideas and opinions. I was just trying to work with what you have already to keep costs down.

However, I do prefer the name Zigi’s Contemporary Cuisine with perhaps a sub text line of Personal Chef Services for a division, or some other sub-line if it’s some other division. Under the chef hat you could always change it back to Zigi and it would hardly make a difference.

Zigi is easier to say than ZCC. Just ask any two year old.

I realise that some others might say ZCC Contemporary Cuisine might be better for future resale, but your name ‘Zigi’ is so catchy. (I had a student years ago with that name and he was always smiling.)

What does your gut instinct say? It’s your business when all is said and done? What are you happy to promote? What are you comfortable with?
What are you proud to say? What do the students call you?
What do your family and friends call you? What does a two year old call you?

If I was at a restaurant with a personal chef, I would love to meet the personal chef, ‘Zigy’. ZCC is too impersonal. So, some thoughts here for you to mull over.

It’s your business – go with your gut instinct on the name.
And fix all the stationery to go with the style on the website which is much better.
I wish you much success.