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Renee Barber
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richie@home, post: 4713 wrote:
thanks for all your advice…

the problem is just that i live in the suburb,..it’s not like i can just walk out and go to cafe and get a coffee…it takes me at least 20mins drive to get to a decent cafe…(but still, i have been doing it like twice a week already..’cos i just need to get out…….)

and i’ve been doing abit of reserach on networking and stuff….why are most events cost $$$?? any FREE stuff?

i’m from melbourne btw…

Hi Richie, I’ve found that it usually costs some dosh to join formal networking groups, but you could always start your own informal group.

For me, being able to work from home is *the* best part of flying solo, but while I was reading your note, I had the idea that you might need to carefully explore why you’re experiencing/feeling such social isolation and whether setting up shop outside of your home (at least part of the time) might be a better option for you.