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Peter – FS Administrator
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Hi guys,

I agree it’s a tricky one. The group type can be changed by the creator at any time. There are three types of groups enabled by the system:

  • Public – open to everyone. There is no restriction on who can join or who can post messages to it
  • Invite Only – require an invitation to be sent to join them. Invitations can only be sent by the group creator or forum moderators and administrators. Invitations are sent by clicking ‘Pending & Invited Members’ at the bottom of the page for that individual group
  • Moderated – open to everyone to join but messages need to be moderated before they will appear. They are moderated by the group creator and the site moderators and administrators

But obviously the last two mean the creator needs to manage things a little in terms of extending invitations and/or moderating.

There is another option available that makes all groups only accessible to logged in members but we haven’t enabled that to date as we preferred an open approach.

However, as always, we’re open to discussion and would like to make the groups function as useful as possible for everyone.

It’s still early days on the forum, especially with the evolution of groups, so I guess it’s a learining curve for us all at this stage!!

We’ll put our heads together about this topic and also welcome further ideas and comments on this thread. Thanks as always for your ideas and support :)