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It’s a choice I make … a sacrifice I’m making NOW to set up my business and achieve what I want …

It’s not a ‘naive age thing’ – it’s a knowing where my outcome is (financial independence so that I can do whatever I like whenever I like) and knowing the steps I need to take to get there.

Damned if I’m still going to be slaving away for a wage at 45, 50 or 60. I’m making sacrifices now – while I’m young and I’ve got the energy – so that at 45 I’ll be working a few hours a day, when I want, from where ever I like. I’ll have the absolute freedom that I KNOW a lot of business owners that age don’t have.

That means doing the hours right now.

This is the technical difference between being an entrepreneur and being self-employed.

We’ve really lost the concept in our modern society of making short term sacrifices for long term gain … everyone is on about ‘quality of life’ – and I’m like … right – but if you don’t make SOME sacrifices right now (time wise, financially, etc) you’ll have a WORSE quality of life as you get older. Just go and ask my parents and their friends who are suffering, unable to retire because all of their super has gone done the drain because of the economy … don’t they wish they had put in a few more hours at 30 or 40 so that at 60 they weren’t worrying about how many years PAST 65 they were going to have to work in order to be able to AFFORD to live.

I won’t be in that position – because I’m making the decisions I need to make NOW that will set me up for life.

A few excess hours a night is a small price to pay for financial freedom. IF you have the long-term thinking and the discipline it takes to do it.