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LeelaCosgrove, post: 4810 wrote:
Okay, you’ve got two questions there.

Question 1: How to reward referrals.

I do a referral fee – 20% on work, 30% on events. I’ve structured this fee into my pricing so that I don’t miss out on my own cash flow. And people LOVE referring other people to me, because they know they’ll get cold, hard cash out of it. It’s very important to pay your referral fees promptly, so that you get a reputation as someone who pays … that makes people want to help you even more.

Question 2: Is really about your sales funnel.

You need to sit down and figure out exactly how your sales funnel works. Draw a diagram of each step of the sales process to see the steps people take from first hearing about you to paying you and becoming your clients. If you don’t know yet – guess.

Without a structure behind it, you’re flying blind and you’ll only have accidental, moderate success.

Once you have this figured out, the next steps become obvious and getting people into your business and having them become clients becomes a PROCESS instead of a scary, fingers crossed hope-cess (hey, I just made that up – how cool is that! I am so trademarking it … ).

So, you really need to tell us what the next step is … do you have a couple of clients already? What process did they go through to become clients? What information did they need? What did you need to tell them?

Once you’ve figured that out I would normally suggest putting it into a report or audio, because then you don’t need to take them through it – instead, they can sign up and automatically receive the info they need to become clients …

Man – sales funnel automation is SO sexy!


Thanks Leela..
The second part I am OK with as far as my process goes. It’s more the reciprocal system between me and other businesses I was thinking about.