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Gee Burgo, you throw us a hard one (where are those smiles).

Can it be treated???? well maybe not treated, I can often repair old media but not the brain cells. But I do think it can benefit from a refocus occasionally. Not the sort of “Weekly/Monthly Revue of the Business Plan” sort, no I mean the “Knuckle Down and Serious Life and Everything” sort. And yes I agree, that kind of review needs “Time Out” to achieve.

Now Burgo, I will tell you a secret – providing you don’t tell anyone else! I am now a youngish but mature 58, married for almost 30 years to a good wife/friend, with 3 kids under 11. (I recently realised that in 7 years I can apply for the pension and by then my eldest will be almost an adult.)

Fairly recently I started to think that maybe a change of lifestyle, or at least outlook on life, was called for. I love the sort of work I do and there are opportunities I am keen to pursue. I haven’t lost my enthusiasm and curiosity yet. But it is the quality and meaning of my day to day work and life otherwise that strikes me more and more.

The church we are involved in is running a program at present that simply asks the question, if you were told you only had 30 days left to live what would you do – how would that change your perspective on life and the way you view, yourself, your family and friends etc. etc.? Then the challange is put to put these thoughts into practice every day, not just when you may be forced to it. There is more than that to it of course, but that is the essence and something of where my thoughts are heading.