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Some of you would even call me a bit of a stirrer, but I like to get perspective and we have a perspective from a younger member which I did enjoy reading and yes it has made me think and from one of our senior members.

30 days to live, wow, dont think i can get through the wines i havent tried yet in such a short time. A close friend of mine was faced with that very decission 4 years ago.

Until you actually pass the age of 65 this business of ‘old age ‘ dose not seem to be around, your still very much connected to your business, industry and collegues however 65 is what we commonly call retirement age, and a mind set gradually creeps in. The ” i dont have to go to work syndrome ‘ kicks in, most of your friends are not working or not working full time.
You can play so much golf, swim, kayak, travel, read, comment on forums, write books, but eventually you will become bored with them over a relatively short period of time.

So can it be treated?