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Hey Burgo – ya silly bugger! You’re talking yourself into a very big case of ‘The Doldrums’ and that’s not much fun.

I’m pushing the clock today, but let me tell you a quickie about my aunt (who I have decided is my role model)-

In December last year, she closed the doors of her Music teaching business. She was finding it was not as much fun, and she was having difficulty finding the time to teach. Last year, she also completed her Masters degree in History, and this year she’s starting her Phd. Her eldest son lives in the U.S.A and she wants to spend more time with her grandchildren over there. She figures one long visit of 8 weeks, is better than 3 short ones. Her husband is still playing tennis once a week.

My Aunt turned 82 last month!

So – I’m thinking – you’re never too old to have a ‘passion’. You just have to make the decision to look for it! (or be open to let it find you)



P.S. – is that really YOU in that photo? You see, I can’t look at it, ‘cos it looks like you’ve got no clothes on and I keep getting visions of you sitting there naked, writing things for this forum. *chuckle*