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Renee Barber
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B.B., post: 4860 wrote:
P.S. – is that really YOU in that photo? You see, I can’t look at it, ‘cos it looks like you’ve got no clothes on and I keep getting visions of you sitting there naked, writing things for this forum. *chuckle*

B.B., thanks for the giggle! I need it this week! So … Burgo … answer the question! My first thought was, ‘I’m all for casual dress day (I work in PJs after all), but this might be taking it too far!’

And I think, Burgo, that it sounds like you need a holiday, a change of pace (and maybe place) to reinvigorate yourself. I know I do …

With winter just around the corner, we’ll all need to keep ourselves motivated as the human animal usually just wants to hibernate during this time. My vote is for hot chocolate, marshmallows and music.

Does anyone have any other winter warmer ideas?