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Originally Posted by B.B.
P.S. – is that really YOU in that photo? You see, I can’t look at it, ‘cos it looks like you’ve got no clothes on and I keep getting visions of you sitting there naked, writing things for this forum. *chuckle*

That was me when I was much younger.

Mexham I’m dissapointed, I thought with your fabulous attitude to wards life you would have inspired me.

Hey Burgo – ya silly bugger! You’re talking yourself into a very big case of ‘The Doldrums’ and that’s not much fun.

No i dont think Ill end up there, at least not this week.

My husband at 68 believes only if you keep on doing what you love and he loves working and still does. He intends to still be working in his nineties because it’s his passion even if he grumbles occasionally.

Yes I remember you mentioned this somewhere before, and I admire his attitude and his passion, what’s his vision?

I am still enthusiastic about what I do but I think I may be loosing the passion, or could it be as we get older our passion for something comes and goes, depending on the circumstances.

I agree with you all about me needing a break and I promise I will in three or four weeks ( why dont you go now ….every one shouts), and just trying to have everything organised, people to see places to go, kids to look after gets a little hectic sometimes. I can do that but my friend is not in a possition too.
Yes I value my friends.

Ok so we could probably say in all fairness that ‘old age is catching’
So how do we treat it.

Do we need to revise our Vision?

Do we need to rekindle the passion?

Do we need to re think, what we can possible achieve?
( so much wine and so little time)