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Yeah sorry Burgo, I guess I was having a bit of a downer last night also!

A break or a holiday are always great for getting your energy levels backup. But I think sometimes that is a simplified solution and doesn’t really treat your ‘old age’ it just makes you feel better for a short time then you end up back where you were. I guess it also depends on what motivates you. I’ve worked with people that are happy enough with a new appliance once a month or bit of shopping to get them through the working week. But I’m sure you need deeper meaning than this.

Ok so we could probably say in all fairness that ‘old age is catching’
So how do we treat it.

I think you are pretty right on about vision and passion. Maybe you’ve been so successful and achieved so much you don’t know what else there is to do. When you retire you don’t have the those work goals, so you need to replace those with new goals. So maybe you should look at setting a whole lot of new goals and visions while you enjoy your holiday. Instead of just getting back into it on your return. Come back firiing with a lot of new things you want to do and achieve, both with work and outside of it.

And by the way where are you looking at going for your break?