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Just a couple of extra comments from my own experience, sort of in line with the most recent of the above.

As I mentioned above, my wife and I now have 3 young children G7, B9, G10 1/2 and we did not expect to have any. It took 18 years for the first. That for me was a total sideways shift, so much so that I have almost, but maybe it just seems that way, forgotten what it was like pre kids.

In my work I have made a number of shifts like that over the years. More recently into the business I am now building, and even then I am planning new directions. Previous to this I was caught in a couple of situations that seemed like good opportunities at the time but were turning a bit sour. My shift into this business was my seachange.

So, I am inclined to suggest that one should look for such a sideways shift every so often, something of a change of perspective. (Though I don’t recommend expanding the family too often throughout your lifetime.) Change is not such a bad thing.