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For what its worth there is another thread going on a similar topic.

My suggestion is to advertise in your local newspaper in the trades section.
Have a brochure designed and printed that you can hand out /give to anyone you come across as in shopping centres etc
There are heeps of industrial complexes in every city and large town visit them handing out you brochures to management in each factory. Visit the factory complexes at least every two months.
Talk to all the small business in your area ,plumbers, electricians, carpenters, carpet cleaners, retailers.
You will find that Tradies are very good at what they are trained for but rarely understand the financial aspects of their business.
As a qualified accountant you can help them develop their business, protect them from the tax man and help them to make more money. Now tell me if you can do all that who in the right mind would not jump at the offer of your help.

‘Seek and you will find, knock on doors and they will be opened for you’ this is the greatest Truism I know of.