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Welcome to the world of a million bookkeepers!

Unfortunately, almost every bookkeeper advertises the following:

1. “Save accounting fees!”
2. “We do a great job!” (or some variant)
3. Timely financial analysis.

None of the above are unique advertising approaches, at least in my area. I don’t know whether all the local bookkeepers are living up to their claims, though.

Almost every piece of advice I’ve seen for new solo bookkeepers has been along the lines of “finding a niche or industry specialisation helps, but really the best thing is networking and referrals from your clients”. Approaching accountants is a one-in-a-million chance; apparently it’s easier when you’ve done the books for their client and they see how good you are. I’m just regurgitating this paragraph’s advice and haven’t tested it, though.

Get a free 30-day trial membership to Australian Bookkeepers Network (http://www.austbook.net) and you’ll find a heap of helpful advice and info on the forums, as well as some other interesting goodies that come with the membership. Mention my user ID when you join at the end of the trial, too. ;)

A suggestion: perhaps advertise yourself as “the affordable expert” or similar, since potential clients might see your qualifications and write you off as too expensive before even asking for your hourly rate.

Good luck!