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Rachel Reeves
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Dardee, post: 4854 wrote:
Thanks for such a detailed reply Rachel. Everything you have mentioned I do at the moment, especially telling people that I am able to go that extra yard because of my experience.

I don’t expect clients to just walk through the door. I know it is tough. And I do believe, as you said, that networking is very important. I guess I was just venting some frustration and trying to find out if there was anything I wasn’t doing that I should be.

Hi Darren,

I figured that you might be doing all this and more…

Guess I am lucky in the sense that I provide both admin and bookkeeping services so I can cover a reasonably large lot of ground for my clients. I have to say that minute secretary fits extremely well with bookkeeping for associations – and there are no salaries involved – bonus! ;)

Re venting frustrations, vent away. I myself was in May of last year feeling pretty down that I hadn’t found any clients. Everything happened all at once in June and I haven’t looked back since.

May I ask where you are based Darren?