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Hi Darren,

I’m in similar situation as yourself although I haven’t gone solo as you have. When I was considering Bookkeeping as a biz, how to get my services out there really set my plan back. I wasn’t sure where/how to advertise or market myself as I figured no one can give you the business if they don’t know you exist.

I still don’t know how to but my half-baked thoughts/plan/strategy whatever you want to call it:-

Having a part time job doing bookkeeping would be a great way to start while getting some income into the household and on the off days, work on my buss like advertising, websites, networking even volunteering. The CPA qualification is a plus but maybe a hindrance in getting a bookkeeping job as most employers may see you as over qualified and that you’ll get bored with the work after a while. Once you’re an established buss, the CPA/CA qualification is a credit.

Websites are great if a client already knows about you and want to check you out further. When I was researching the market, there are so many of us and so many sites (and by the way they all look so boring) that I wouldn’t be able to pick just one to ring. Although if desperate I might pick the one (site) that most appeal to me. Having said that if I was really desperate, I would probably ask someone I know for a referral, so there, word of mouth is important.

Sorry I don’t have a solution for you but just want to let you know, you’re not alone.