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Bookkeepers are a dime a dozen but great bookkeepers are hard to find. There are a lot of people operating bookkeeping businesses based on having done a two day course on how to use MYOB. I’ll stop my rant about that right there.

Figure out what makes you different. For me I can see straight away it’s your qualifications and your level of knowledge. Once the new legislation for bookkeepers and BAS preparation comes in you’ll be better placed to gain BAS Tax Agent status than others.

I highly recommend joining Australian Association of Professional Bookkeepers (AAPB) as they are the only not for profit organisation for bookkeepers in Australia. Sharyn Grant was the one that wrote the Certificate IV Financial Services (Bookkeeping) and had it audited and then ratified by AQTF.

Once you get the first of your clients, ask for referrals as most of the time our clients don’t know we are looking for more projects.

Good luck.