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Interesting, Darren – you say you NEVER buy from a cold call and then you say that someone cold called you today and they were lovely … so really, do you mean you won’t buy from someone who calls you up and says:

“Buy this now!”

(typically, these tend to be O/S call centres)

Or people who try to trick you?

Because those people are NOT salespeople. They’re con men. And despite what many people think – there IS a difference.

The fact is – cold calling works. I’ve made a great deal of money both for myself and for clients using cold calling.

And at the end of the transaction I have, more than once, had clients hug me and thank me for selling them.

And just to be clear – I don’t AGREE with salespeople being pushy – it’s simply a fact of life (ESPECIALLY when you’re in business), so you need to learn to deal with it and not freak out when it happens.

More importantly, those people who get terribly upset and emotional about it need to learn a bit of self-confidence – it’s just not emotionally healthy to fall into a heap because someone asked you to buy something you didn’t want.