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Yes, you’re right Peppie … not everyone does stand up for themselves. But it’s entirely unreasonable to think that the world is going to change … there will always be pushy people – sales or otherwise – who want you to do what they want you to do. You can’t control them, so learn to stand up for yourself!

peppie, post: 4963 wrote:
And BTW, there are many businesses that survive very well without having to resort to Cold Calling. Personally the whole idea gives me the shivers (heh heh).


That’s an interesting attitude. Especially from someone who is in business.

You do realise that everything you do to promote your business is sales?

So a cold email is JUST as bad (personally, I feel, worse) than a cold call.

And GEE – you’d better not go and MEET people face to face if you don’t KNOW them!!!

I also find the word “survive” interesting. I don’t like the idea of “surviving” – I want to thrive … which is why I used cold calling recently to sell tickets to an event I’m doing on Saturday.

No one got pressured – they were simply offered an opportunity. And a LOT of them took it up. That allowed me to fill a paid event with thirty people with only two weeks lead time (any one who has organised events before knows that’s no mean feat!).

I’m not at all afraid of doing those cold calls because I KNOW what I’m teaching at that event will benefit those people greatly. I KNOW that the money they’ve spent to come will come back to them in droves. Because I know what I offer is worth every cent (and then some!) that I charge for it.

So perhaps I just have more congruency with my business and product than other people do …

I cold called for a business last year and made them more than $600,000 in a couple of weeks.

THOSE are the kinds of numbers I want to see in my own business … that’s far better than merely “surviving” …

Yes, you can survive without cold calling – but there’s a reason that pretty much ALL of the multi-million dollar companies use it in their strategies …