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You can do SOME from courses … I highly recommend anything by Brian Tracey and Tony Robbins ‘Mastering Influence’ (while expensive) was one of the best investments I ever made in a CD program. ROI was about 2 weeks. That was is particularly good for people who don’t like being ‘pushy’ as it helps with the mindset side of things …

The way I learned was to take 6 months off from my business and go and work in commission only sales.

Not everyone can do that, of course – but I do know a guy who is a ‘sales coach’ – that is, he works with people, shows them how to make sales calls and put together scripts and then will sit with you (on Skype or in person) while you make calls and help you, so you can learn … I won’t blatantly advertise his details here, in line with forum policies, but if anyone wants his details, pop me a message and I’ll forward them on.

Really, the ONLY way to learn sales is to DO sales. The problem is, if you’re doing it without anyone to tell you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong, it’s really difficult to get good …

I was lucky to go and work for a total hard … urrr … guy – who pushed me pretty much to my limits. It was exhausting and hard – but it also set me up to be able to explode my business on the backend of it … I wouldn’t be having the success I’m having now if I hadn’t of done what I did …