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Rachel Reeves
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Just one other thing that may, or may not be helpful. I learned pretty quickly that you very rarely get something for nothing. Usually someone offering a sweet something by telephone or on a house call is expecting something in return. Sometimes the catch might be very basic in that a company can add you onto their newsletter list with the potential of making a sale in the future. To recognise what the ‘catch of the day’ is when taking sales calls can really help.

I received a sales call one day and they were offering to us a Christmas gift to the value of $500 I think it was. Over the phone they said to me that there was no catch. I asked for them to fax me the details through then I will let them know. They did fax the details through and sure enough in the fine print there was the catch and it was a biggie – it would have cost our business about $2,000. Needless to say, we were a happy customer when that day began (yes we had been purchasing products through them) and by close of business they had actually lost our business altogether.

But the thing is, I forgive these people straight away and I move on. As I said they most of the time are just doing their jobs, and these things are put in our way to build our knowledge base and our character.

If we ourselves, in our businesses decide to make cold calls then I think that as long as we have considered exactly the thing that this thread has portrayed, that the outcome should be non-intrusive and should maintain the self-respect and dignity of both parties. The goal should be that all parties feel happiness in the outcome.