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Personally I think we were arguing about semantics. I figured that the context of “pushy salespeople” made it clear the kind of “sales” I was talking about.

And what I’ve been asking and no one has been answering, is where the line is between ‘hard’ sales and sales?

It seems that some people (not you necessarily – just generally) think that talking to someone you don’t know and asking them to buy is hard sales.

I see that as just being sales.

I don’t really understand what people mean by the ‘hard sell’. From what I can see that appears to be any sale in which the sales process is used. If you:

* Call someone
* Ask them questions
* Ask them to buy
* Answer their objections
* Ask them to buy again
* Answer their objections and ask them to buy either until they say yes or until they convince you they’re not going to …

That, to me, is not a ‘hard sell’. In fact, if you’re NOT doing those things, you’re not really selling …

If this ISN’T a hard sell, then what is?? What’s the definition of a ‘hard sell’?