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SteveDavidson, post: 6073 wrote:
Well heck, if I had sales that good, what would I be looking to hire a salesperson for? Maybe an account manager… OK, maybe a new salesperson too, but they’d be working on new sales, not existing clientele.

Right …. well, if you can do all of your book keeping yourself, why would you hire a book keeper? And if you can type all of your letters yourself, why would you hire a secretary.

Because if you have sales that good, you’re probably spending ALL of your time selling. Which means you can’t do the hundred thousand other things you need to do to keep your company going.

You hire salespeople – just like you hire any employee – in order to SCALE your business … because while you technically might be able to do everything yourself … you PHYSICALLY can’t do everything yourself. Added to which – at that point you would get in one salesperson … and then once they had taken over the reigns, you would get in 2, 3, 4 … imagine having four people selling that (or more) volume … it’s a whole different ball game at that point.

And yes, I would agree that they would be working on new sales. Current clients are not sales (okay, maybe renewals are) – never get a salesperson to do customer service. It’s ALWAYS a mistake.

If you want to hire a (good) commission only sales person the fact remains … you need to prove it’s doable.

I mean, think about it like this …

If someone came to you right now and said …

Look, I’d like you to give up your current job in which you are making $120k a year (plus bonuses and perks) to come and work for me. I’m going to put you on a results-based package … so, you only get paid if you reach the results. Now, this is an entirely new product. We think people are going to like it, but we don’t know for sure because no one has bought it yet. You might be able to make $150k this year – but on the other hand if you can’t make the unproven product do what we want, you’re not going to get paid anything … oh and by the way – we want you to spend the first six months of your job putting together the resources that you will need in order to make the results happen, so you can be sure you won’t make a cent for the first six months …

What would you do?

Without a script and a history of sales, you’re asking a commission only salesperson to risk their entire livelihood (car, mortgage, family) – on a maybe. Not only is that an unfair thing to do – it’s also the kind of “opportunity” that good commission only sales people are offered at least once a week … and know better than to go anywhere near.

Do the time, get the numbers up … and then get the salespeople in to take it to the next level (if that’s what you want to do).