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Heidi Price
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…the wedding template that I am excited about – tho now I am told that It may not be SEO friendly. (scratching head with furrowed brow)

Yep Mike – flash sites can be right buggers to SEO-up properly. Not impossible, but quite often they need a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ (yay got a joke in!) work. Unfortunately, Google can’t read what is in flash :(

re the template you are considering buying: I tried to have a look at the flash landing page but it will not display – the template has been written for a specific version of flash (the source code didn’t say which) and ‘apparently’ I need to download the latest version. Funnily enough, I have it. What this means to you is that you will probably need to have that part of the template re-coded. Just so you are aware!

The other thing is – with flash you really need to be careful of the time the site takes to load. Many many visitors just cant be bothered waiting, and will leave if it takes too long. Not trying to turn you off flash because used well it is an amazing tool.

Although the Adobe Photoshop Homepage Screenshot looks very much like a standard, inbuilt, Photoshop Gallery to me. And personally I would not have the thumbnails disappearing off the bottom of the screen :)

re splitting the site: I would recomend two sites – they are targetting two completely diferent markets, and having them combined (IMHO) would risk missing the mark for both.

I wouldn’t change the structure of this template apart from having a video to show my wedding promo. The first page (home) could have freeze frames from weddings and maybe a subpage for the video? The rest of the site really just needs to have my words re contact – about – links….surely it would be a fairly simple job??!!

I guess it comes down to do your potential customers want to see a flash splash page – or would they prefer to go straight to a home page that shows the quality of your work and how you can take the stress and worry out of this part of their wedding?

Happy to answer any questions!