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Renee Barber
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competitions, post: 5093 wrote:
than using tables!

Famous last words … *grin* Sorry, but I thought it was a cute statement.

competitions, post: 5093 wrote:
Any comments on the overall look of the mock up? It’s at http://www.lottos.com.au/ indextest.html (the space is there so it doesn’t get indexed!).

I think the mock-up looks cleaner than your main website, but that’s probably just because all the bits haven’t been filled in.

I don’t know your budget (and I’m not putting my hat in the ring as I’m in novel editing mode for a client), but I think it would be worthwhile talking to another website designer (they’re a great bunch on here) about a complete revamp.

I know it’s supposed to be informational in nature, but something about how it stands now is off-putting *to me*. I don’t know if it’s the colour … the fact that it has no images … or maybe the phase of the moon.

At any rate, wait for some other comments as perhaps it’s just me.