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Hello Viv

Being a small business owner is hard enough because you rely on yourself to handle so many aspects of your business. When you are running a home business you are also isolated from people and support which you would normally get being part of a business community.

Joining Forums like this is an excellent first step because many of the people here can probably get you started with some useful advice for free (read through the older posts).

You might want to consider joining a business network group so you become part of a larger business support group to learn from each other and share ideas.

Attracting customers is only part of the business system and you need to be able to generate sales from your leads.

Some helpful tips to look at in your business;

  • What is the actual percentage of sales from leads each month
  • What is the ‘pain point’ that your leads leave your business
  • Have you done market research to identify your primary customer profile so that you are attracting people who need your service
  • How does your service or product rate against your competitors

Your advertising is probably attracting leads that do not see your service as the solution to their need. Identify what value and benefits your service provides then find customers that need that service value.

Warm Regards