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BMc, post: 5137 wrote:
This doesn’t surprise me, though it’s the first time I’ve seen a statistic.

I have learnt to, on the first use after install or upgrade, allow some time to experiment and wander through a program, viewing sample files, exploring the menus, trying out features, and so on. I enjoy finding out ways in which a program can save time or better organise and present information as it gives me a massive motivation boost (hello, fellow tech geeks!) and allows me to add value to my business and my clients’ businesses.

With the above statistic in mind, perhaps your question will be hard for readers to answer in a program-specific fashion, because we don’t know what we don’t know. Perhaps an approach like: “Did you know that you can use AProgram to…?”

I apologise if I’ve read the question wrong! :)


Hi Ben! Thanks for your post – nice to know there are more tech geeks out there! ;) I get your point about “we don’t know what we don’t know”, so will factor that in to how I organise and market the series. My challenge now will be to come up with something I think you haven’t already found out for yourself and get it into a session you can try out!