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She is portraying a friendly, willing and eager sales member stationed at the ready to take you orders!

Thanks Chrissy, yes all our hammocks are made under fair trade conditions. We do mention the working conditions on the ‘about us’ page, but also are suppliers are working with the Mexican govt to get their official fair trade certification which is quite a detailed process from what I understand.

Our main keyword would be ‘hammock’ but unfortunately that is still bouncing around page 10 at the moment. I have been doing a lot of work and study on SEO and believe I’m on the right track and continually improving the site. Also as the site is still less than 3 months old, I think that maybe effecting the rankings to some degree. I read somewhere that newer sites are not often ranked as well or penalised vs established sites over the first year. Whether this is true or not I don’t know though..