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tunjibusayo, post: 5232 wrote:
Hi everyone,

I am just planning to start importing footwear into Australia.

I am planning to engage overseas manufacturers (Hong Kong or China) to produce my products in my own label.

I will then major on wholesales here in Australia and as time goes on overseas.

Footwear has been my passion for ages but i just realised it is good for a starter like me to have a mentor, plase how do i go about this?

Thanks to you all in anticipation of your responses.

I work for a foreign trade factory located in China, we don`t sell shoes, but other factories nearby produce, ..
first, you should tell your supplies what kind of footwear you want, the size, the material, etc, send a sample will be better…then they produce according to requirement, .. you can contact me [email protected], for further information.