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Thanks Ray and BrightBiz,

I have found while running Spicy that many clients don’t see the value in a good website, and end up asking for a basic “brochure-ware” site for now – which ends up lasting many years because they aren’t getting much return from a static site.

Don’t get me wrong, there are businesses who do see the value in it and get a website that makes them money, but they seem few on the Gold Coast anyway. When I spoke to one of my clients last week, he told me that I give too many options, and I should only offer “full package” websites for a set price. His reason was that most people don’t know what they need, and if I simply create a full website they will see the value in it and invest more.

On the other hand I know a lot of clients simply don’t have the money to invest in it, so can I really limit myself to big sites? That is roughly what I am trying to find out, but I am also very curious as to what features people want as standard, so I might write up a new post.

But in short, you are right that any web developer who actually cares about the business and understands their client will create something that brings a smile to the client, and most likely cash in their pockets.


I have been to many of these groups in the past, but the are very much made up of employees as well as freelancers. I was thinking of making a group of only freelancers using Drupal. It is not only for Drupal support, but also for general chit chat on marketing etc. Also if one of us gets sick or gets a very large job we have a team ready to help take it on. One of the biggest drawbacks of being solo is when clients say they will go somewhere else because they have more resources to their disposal. Spicy used to be like that and it made all the difference in landing projects like Trafalgar. If we had a local team then there is no reason for any of us soloist to miss out on the big stuff either.

I need to get back to work now :-) Thank you for your welcomes and feedback once again.