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Renee Barber
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Hi John

I typed a nice long email last night and the cyber rats got it … Sigh. Anyway, I’ll give it another go.

I rather like the splash page, but it definitely needs some information on what to do as I was sitting there thinking, ‘Ok, is that it?’ By the way, today when I visited, the time between landing on the page and going to your main website seems to have reduced. Was something changed or did I need sleep more than I thought last night?

Anyway, I reckon you might think about animating the little ‘geeks’ on your subsequent pages so then you may be able to skip the splash page altogether. To get that green (it’s growing on me) into the picture, perhaps change your clouds to green. It might be weird, but somehow grey clouds remind me of rain. Goodness knows we need it in the drought, but it’s not a very ‘up’ colour.

Speaking of colour, I like the use of only a couple colours. I’m a real colour gal, but I found this to be quite effective as ‘cut-through’.

With my editing hat on, my advice is to watch your zeds in words like realised and specialise as most people reckon that smacks of Americans and some people can get a bit heated about that.

OK, I probably forgot to include something really exciting that I mentioned last night, but this should cover the highlights.

I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with (if you decide to take on board any of the advice provided in this thread) so please keep us posted.

Oh, I’ve just remembered the other thing! On your services page, I really don’t like the centring of the bulleted text. For some reason, that drives me crazy …